Medela Symphony Breastpump



Medela Symphony is ideal for long-term frequent pumping needs and is designed to support working mothers. It is also used by mothers who experience breastfeeding problems and by first-time mothers unsure of their pumping goals. This breastpump is absolutely hygienic as there is no contact between breastmilk and the pumping system. A pump collection kit must be purchased for use with the pump, each user will need to have their own kit to avoid contamination.

Essential Information

Initial order covers rental of equipment for 1 month which is charged in advance. For example, if the equipment is ordered on the 15th of the month, the rental is covered until the 14th of the following month. The initial month is non-refundable. Refunds will not be issued for early return or non-use of equipment. Thereafter the billing is charged in arrears at the end of each complete month and at a daily rate equivalent to the monthly rate. This is an automatic process and will be debited from the payment details provided at the time of order. Rental is charged on equipment from time of order till the equipment is returned to an agent from whom the equipment was collected or to Medicare Health & Living directly.

Additional Information:

  • Free Shipping Nationwide
  • Orders must be placed before 2.30pm for next working day delivery Monday to Thursday. Saturday delivery is available for orders placed before 2.30pm on Fridays (this option must be chosen at checkout)
There are 2 return options:
  1. Return in person to Medicare Health and Living or Rental Agent: (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm / Rental Agent’s opening hours)
  2. Return by registered post to Medicare Health & Living, Glencormack Business Park, Kilmacanogue, Co. Wicklow: (please keep tracking no. for future reference)


Symphony breastpumps can be used for single or double pumping with these accessory kits. Double pumping reduces pumping time and promotes an increase in milk production and is widely recommended for all users. Double pumping can help increase prolactin, the milk-producing hormone.

  • Hospital-grade electric pump
  • Single or double pumping
  • With 2-Phase Expression Technology
  • Overflow protection

What is 2-Phase Expression Technology?

2-PhaseExpression Technology simulates a baby’s natural nursing rhythm more precisely than any other system. It is known that babies change the way they suckle at a mother’s breast during breastfeeding. Initially, they suckle rapidly to stimulate the Milk Ejection Reflex (MER) and induce “let-down”. Once the milk starts flowing, the speed of the baby’s sucking decreases for the actual feeding phase.

This is the only research based breastpump technology to mimic a baby’s natural nursing rhythm. The unique combination of a rapid stimulation and slower expression makes pumping especially gentle, comfortable and efficient.

Single pump kit for the Symphony breastpump (€22.00): This kit consists of a bottle, valve, breastshield, protective cap & membrane and tubing which connect on to the pump. These items (excluding tubing and protective cap & membrane) can be sterilised, boiled and are dishwasher safe.

Double pump kit for the Symphony breastpump (€40): The double kit allows milk to be expressed from both breasts at the same time. This kit contains two of each of the items mentioned in the single pump kit description.

Rental Items – Payment:

A minimum hire charge (equivalent to one month’s rental charge) is applicable. At the end of the initial hire period the hirer must return the pump. Otherwise, hire charges will be processed automatically, at the start of each month in arrears (charged to the hirer’s credit/debit card). A daily rate is applied after the first month until the pump is returned. Payments will cease once the pump is returned.