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  • Labour Pain Relief Obstetric TENS


    Medicare supplies the Labour Pain Relief Obstetric TENS unit for rental. This is the only TENS device on the market, that has been specifically designed for labour pain relief. The unit is non-invasive and has a unique patient boost button which you can activate at the start of your contraction. This automatically switches the unit to continuous pain relief mode and increases the power output by 10%, offering maximum pain relief when you need it most.

    The equipment will be dispatched 16 days in advance of your due date. If you require the equipment earlier than 2 weeks in advance of your due date pleaseĀ call Medicare.

  • Medela Symphony Breastpump


    Medela Symphony is ideal for long-term frequent pumping needs and is designed to support working mothers. It is also used by mothers who experience breastfeeding problems and by first-time mothers unsure of their pumping goals. This breastpump is absolutely hygienic as there is no contact between breastmilk and the pumping system. A pump collection kit…